Selasa, 27 November 2012

Minang music tastes Young

Singer Minang one is increasingly revealing its presence in the music scene Minang. After the success of the first album titled Sio-sio Marendo Cinto, now Sony D'Rickson launched a new album titled, Broken Sakik Bacinto.

Unlike the first album the music is standard or slow, on this second album, Sony presents a bold expression rhythmic house music. Minang Remik nuanced dance that emphasizes the movement of the legs.

"This is in accordance with the tastes of young people. Through this album we also want to change the image that the album is not only preferred Minang elders, but the young man could love song Minang, "said Sony.

In the album contains 11 tracks (1 track opening), Sony brought the re-selling songs Boy Shane. Just two new songs namely; Bakawan Guitar Worn and Pandang Partamo. The rest had brought yakhi Boy Shandy, Kito Indak Sapadan, giddy at Kasunyian, Nasih in Parantauan, giddy Mananti, Easy Bapaling Muko, concerned at Panatian and Duri Cinto.

Although nuanced lyric ratok but when accompanied by joyous music, people who are sad so entertained. Men born in Padang, May 21 is called, the album is packaged in the form of VCD also contains video clips charming. Well, you Minang music lovers waiting for, but can be found in record stores can also direct message on road no.2 Jhoni Anwar and Dr Sutomo no 16 Jalan Padang West Sumatra Indonesia.